Spain and France Struck by Heatwave for Second Time in 2022

Spain and France are experiencing their second extreme heat event of the year, with temperatures expected to reach “extreme” levels.

According to Spain’s meteorological agency Aemet, temperatures will surge beyond 40 degrees Celsius (about 104 degrees Fahrenheit) in the country’s center and south on Monday, and may even reach 43 degrees Celcius in southern Andalusia, particularly in the cities of Cordoba and Seville.

Meanwhile, French weather forecaster Patrick Galois said that temperatures in France were anticipated to reach – and in some cases greatly exceed – 30 degrees Celcius. While in Alsace, Brittany, and the greater Paris region, temperatures may reach 35 degrees Celcius on Thursday.

“The heat episode will be particularly intense between Thursday and Saturday in the south of the country,” said Galois.

According to Ruben del Campo, spokesman for Aemet, the “unusual” temperatures in the first half of June follow Spain’s hottest May in at least 100 years, and North Africa is also experiencing the extreme heat along with Spain and France.

Last August, the Andalucian village of Montoro, Spain recorded its highest ever temperature of 47.4 degrees Celsius. While during the 2019 European heatwave, Vérargues in the Hérault département in France set a new record with a temperature of 46 degrees Celsius.

Water restrictions are now in place in 35 French départements amid growing concerns about the possibility of a drought.

Galois said that such phenomena occur “very rarely” in June, and only at the end of the month, and that “If this episode is confirmed, it will be a record in terms of how early it has occurred.”

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