Police Deny That Bodies Have Been Found in Amazon Search for Missing Journalist and Guide

The brother of missing British journalist Dom Phillips said that two bodies have been found in the Amazon after a weeklong search.

Paul Sherwood, Phillips’s brother-in-law said that the Brazilian ambassador to the UK informed them that two bodies have been found in the Amazon and were believed to have belonged to Philips and Brazilian indigenous expert Bruno Pereira.

“He said he wanted us to know that … they had found two bodies. He didn’t describe the location and just said it was in the rainforest and he said they were tied to a tree and they hadn’t been identified yet. He said that when it was light, or when it was possible they would do an identification,” said Sherwood. 

An indigenous search team has recently found belongings believed to belong to Philips and Pereira. 

However Brazil’s federal police have released a statement saying that no bodies had been found.

There was no misunderstanding, the brother-in-law countered.

Brazilian police are investigating if  Philips and Pereira’s disappearance to an international network that pays poor fishermen to fish illegally in Brazil’s second-largest Indigenous territory.

Pereira was formerly the head of a local bureau of the government’s Indigenous agency, known as FUNAI, and has conducted operations against illegal fishing.

“The crime’s motive is some personal feud over fishing inspection,” said the mayor of Atalaia do Norte, Denis Paiva.

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