Livestock Ship Sinks Off Sudan Pier, More Than 15000 Sheep Drown

A ship hauling more than 15,000 sheep capsized and sank off a pier in Sudan on Sunday.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, the vessel Badr 1 began to sink at the pier in Suakin, Sudan. 

“The ship, Badr 1, sank during the early hours of Sunday morning,” a Senior Sudanese Port official told British news agency The Guardian, and added that the ship was “Carrying 15,800 sheep.” 

Badr 1 ship officials estimated that only about 700 sheep survived, but claimed that the sheep “Were found very ill” and are not expected “to live long.”

According to Saleh Selim, the head of the association’s livestock division, the total worth of the missing cattle was roughly 14 Saudi Riyals ($3.7 million) and revealed that an investigation into the incident was in order.

A Sudanese citizen posted photos of the Badr 1 on Twitter as it sank sideways onto the concrete of the pier in Suakin, captioned “The rescue and rescue teams are moving now.”

Suakin, Sudan’s historic port town, used to be the country’s principal foreign commercial center. However, it has since been changed to Port Sudan, 60 kilometers (40 miles) away along the Red Sea coast.

The Badr 1 (also known as Henry Stahl, Ester 1, Ytong 1, Malak 1) was a stern-ramp RORO freighter built in 1973 that was later converted into a livestock carrier.

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