Egyptian Court Issues Death Sentence for Murder of Coptic Priest

An Egyptian Court sentenced a man to death for murdering a Coptic Christian priest in May 2022 in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria.

Egypt’s Grand Mufti, Shawky Allam approved the execution of Nehru Tawfiq, 60, for stabbing to death the Coptic Orthodox priest Arsanios Wadid, 56, in early April 2022.

The Alexandria criminal court had convicted Tawfiq to death on May 18, but the verdict required the final approval from the Mufti Allam, Egypt’s top Muslim theologian.

On April 7, Wadid was taken to hospital after being stabbed on Alexandria’s seafront promenade as he accompanied a group of young parishioners. Wadid died of his wounds in hospital.

According to Tawfiq’s lawyer, he did not intend to kill the priest, stressing that he was not in a good condition “mentally” at the time of attack.

However, the medical report rejected any sign of psychological disorders and reported that Tawfiq was fully cognizant when he attacked Wadid.

Sectarian violence is not uncommon in Egypt. In 2017, an 82-year-old Christian doctor in Cairo was stabbed to death.  

There have also been suicide attacks in recent years targeting churches in different cities, including Cairo, Alexandria and Nile Delta.

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