Russian Duma Mulls Revoking Lithuanian Independence

A Russian lawmaker submitted a draft bill to the Russian State Duma on Wednesday, calling to revoke recognition of the Republic of Lithuania’s independence.

United Russia party member Yevgeny Fyodorov drafted the bill claiming that Russia´s acknowledgment of the independence of the Baltic states was illegal because it was adopted “by an unconstitutional body,” which violated the USSR constitution.

In an explanatory note on the bill, Fyodorov also said that “there was no referendum on secession” of Lithuania from the USSR and “no transitional period was established for consideration of all contentious issues.”

Fyodorov’s draft bill came when Lithuania was worried about President Vladimir Putin’s intentions.

Lithuania shares a border with Russia’s enclave of Kaliningrad which has been the scene of alliance drills in preparation for any Russian aggression.

Last month, Lithuanian citizens raised almost $5 million for Ukraine’s advanced military drone.

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