Chicago Philanthropist Honors Commuter Who Rescued Electrified Third Rail Victim

A Chicago philanthropist honored a public transit commuter who saved an unconscious man who fell on a subway’s electrified third rail with a ceremony last Tuesday and surprised him with a brand new car.

Early Walker, a Chicago philanthropist and businessman, honored Perry with a ceremony and surprised him with a brand new 2008 Audi A6.

“We just wanted to honor you. We wanted to literally show our appreciation because we need more people like you. We need more Anthonys in the world,” Walker said.

Anthony Perry, 20, rescued an unconscious man who fell on a Chicago subway’s electrified third rail amid a fight last Sunday.

Perry was getting off the Chicago Transit Authority Red Line train when he noticed two men arguing. 

According to CBS News, police said one of the men was waiting for a train on the platform when the other approached the other, spat in his face, and started a fight, eventually punching him in the mouth.

“I immediately noticed there was a fight because both guys got their dukes up. They were like putting their stuff down,” Perry said.

The first man was hospitalized in good condition after being burned on his left leg and suffering abrasions to his mouth.

However, the man whom police say started the fight and ended up on the third rail had 600 volts of electric shocks through him.

“The guy didn’t have no control over his body. I did hear somebody say as I got on the track, ‘Don’t touch him! I could’ve kept walking, but I was like, you know what? I’m not going to keep walking because God wouldn’t want me to do that, so I took action immediately,” Perry said.

Perry said he felt a violent jolt when he tried removing the man from the third rail.

“It was strong like it went through my whole body. I remember after that, my whole body was still kind of shaky,” Perry said.

Tavi Ghee, a witness to the scenario, recorded Perry jumping down and pulling the man to safety without hesitation.

“It was definitely surreal. That was an out-of-body experience,” Ghee said.

The 2008 Audi A6 was delivered to Perry just a few blocks from where he lives, as members of the community and officers from the Chicago Police Department looked on in support.

“So many times people think these young men are out here doing the wrong thing, but this is just a prime example of how a young man took it upon himself to jump in and do the right thing,” Chicago Police Lt. Yolanda Irving said.

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