Syria Suspends Flights From And To Damascus After Israeli Attack

Syria on Friday suspended flights to and from its capital Damascus International Airport hours after an Israeli airstrike hit the city.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said that the Israeli bombing had damaged the runway after targeting “warehouses of Iranian militias” near the airport.

Syrian state news agency SANA confirmed the suspensions of flights but cited technical reasons for the airport’s shut down.

“Flights will be resumed once the installations and equipment are fixed to ensure the safety and security of the operational traffic”, SANA reported, without providing details on a possible Israel attack that left the runway at the airport damaged.

Meanwhile, a Syrian military official quoted by SANA said that Syrian air defense intercepted the Israeli missiles targeting several posts south of Damascus, downing most of them.

The official added that the attack caused one civilian injured and inflicted some material damage.

The missiles were reportedly launched from the occupied Syrian Golan’s airspace.

There have been no comments from the Israeli side on today’s airstrike so far.

Israel in the past several years has been engaged in targeting some points in Syria against Iranian-backed groups, including Lebanon’s Hezbollah. 

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