Russian President Vladimir Putin Likens Himself to Peter the Great

President Vladimir Putin has compared himself to Peter the Great, claiming he shares the 18th-century tsar’s desire to reclaim “Russian territory” for a larger empire.

Putin drew a connection to his own invasion of Ukraine as he spoke to a crowd after visiting an exhibition commemorating Peter’s 350th birthday on Thursday.

According to the Russian President, Peter the Great did not steal anything from Sweden when he waged the Great Northern War for 21 years. 

Putin spoke about Ukraine’s invasion saying it also fell on them “to recover what is Russia’s and strengthen the country”. 

In a separate report by the Russian News Agency TASS, Peter I was described as “a distinguished statesman and military leader,” as well as a patriot who had dedicated his life to helping his country. 

Peter I’s ambitious reforms in state administration, the economy, science, culture, and education, according to the head of state, “helped enhance Russia’s authority on the international scene and mainly defined the country’s development as a powerful and sovereign power for centuries to come.”

In a tweet, Mykhailo Podolyak, an adviser to Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelenskyy, claimed Putin’s words demonstrated his imperialistic goals and that the invasion was a “bloody takeover.”

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