Lebanon MPs, and Civil Rights Activists Working to Demolish Anti-LGBT Law

Lebanese civil rights activities said they are working with some MPs on a bill to demolish the anti-LGBT law in order to achieve equality right for every Lebanese.

Speaking to NOW, Bertho Makso, Executive Director of Proud Lebanon said that civil rights groups, including Proud Lebanon, are collecting signatures from lawmakers to get Article 534 abolished.

“It is not an easy job, we understand this. The society is not ready to accept law decriminalizing homosexuality, but there is no other way, we have to fight for LGBT’s right,” Makso said.

Makso stated that they are working with a number of lawmakers to present a draft to parliament in the near future in which an infamous article 534 is completely abolished.

Opposition MPs as well as members of the Kataeb Party and the Free Patriotic Movement have expressed support for LGBT rights in Lebanon.

Makso said they are working on the bill since 2018, but the process has been sped up in 2021.

Accoridng to NOW, Article 534 is not only criminalizing LGBT but the law also allows arbitrary detentions, confiscation and search of phones, government crackdowns, in addition to nonconsensual HIV tests to prove whether a person has engaged in homosexual acts.

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