Kuwaiti Court Rejects Lawsuit To Ban Netflix

A Kuwaiti court on Friday rejected a lawsuit filed to block the subscription live streaming service (Netflix) for its alleged showing of entertainment which allegedly violated the country’s traditions.

KWT Today reported that the Administrative Court, headed by Counselor Abdullah Al-Qasimi has rejected the lawsuit filed to ban the “Netflix” platform across the country.

A Kuwaiti lawyer Abdulaziz Al Subaie, who filed the lawsuit against Netflix, said he is going to appeal against the court ruling soon.

Al Subaie said that the younger generation might have been influenced by the Netflix show and accused the platform of boosting “moral decline and homosexuality”.

Al Subaie called on the Ministry of Media and the government Communication and Information Technology Regulatory Authority to ban Netflix as soon as possible. 

The campaign against Netflix came after it showed “Ashab wal Aaaz” (Friends or Dearer) an Arabic version of “Perfect Strangers”, which many say incited moral debauchery and homosexuality. 

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