WHO Says Ukrainian Health System ‘Under Severe Pressure’

The World Health Organization (WHO) claimed that Ukraine’s health system has been put under “severe pressure” since Russia’s invasion of the country began.

According to WHO, the ongoing war has raised the demand for health care while limiting the system’s ability to meet it, especially in places where there is active fighting. The organization also reported that as of June 2, there had been 269 confirmed attacks on health, with at least 76 persons killed and 59 injured.

“In 100 days of the war, there have been over 260 verified attacks on health care in Ukraine. These attacks are not justifiable, they are never okay, and they must be investigated. No health professional should have to deliver health care on a knife-edge, but this is just what nurses, doctors, ambulance drivers, and the medical teams in Ukraine are doing,” said Dr. Hans Henri P. Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe.

WHO also reported that numerous health facilities have been damaged, while others have been overloaded by individuals seeking treatment for war-related stress and injuries. 

WHO officials said that temporary health centers have been built in cities such as Dnipro to help combat the staggering numbers of war-related injuries.

Dr. Jarno Habicht, WHO Representative in Ukraine said that the WHO is “Committed to being in Ukraine both now and in the longer term – addressing immediate health challenges and supporting the reconstruction of the health system.”

WHO has also announced an updated appeal for $147.5 million to address Ukraine’s rising humanitarian needs, which will offer additional healthcare to Ukrainians and assist the country’s health sector in the long run.

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