UN Yemen Envoy to Hold Talks with Houthis on Ending Taiz Siege

UN envoy to Yemen Hans Grundberg arrived in the capital city Sanaa to hold talks with Houthi leaders to lift the siege in Taiz and open other roads between other governorates.

In a press briefing at the Sanaa International Airport, Grundberg said that he is looking forward to engaging with Ansar Allah leadership on the proposal for reopening roads in Taiz.

“I am also looking to engage in constructive discussions with leadership on the ongoing efforts to implement and strengthen the truce as well as economic and humanitarian measures,” Grundberg said.

Grundberg furthered that he is happy being in Sanaa for the second time after the first truce, and expressed contentment that the truce was extended for another two months.

“Yemenis have seen the truce’s tangible benefits. We have witnessed a significant positive shift and we have a responsibility to safeguard it and deliver on its potential for peace in Yemen,” Grundberg said.

Yemen’s warring sides, the Houthi rebels and internationally recognized government have ceased war in the past two months and agreed last Thursday to extend the truce for two more months, a sign the UN described it as possibility of reaching a permanent peace deal in the war-hit country.

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