Taliban Arrests Afghan YouTuber For Allegedly Insulting Quran

The Taliban arrested Ajmal Haqiqi, a young Afghan YouTuber, and his three colleagues, including Gholam Sakhi, who was once addicted to drugs, on charges of insulting Islamic sacred values.

Taliban General Directorate of Intelligence (GDI) said in a video post in twitter that “no one is allowed to insult or ridicule the verses of the Quran, and the sayings of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)” during the rule of the Islamic system.

The GDI video post showed Haqiqi, and his two colleagues except Sakhi being handcuffed, in which Ajmal confesses to his crime.

“I apologize to the Afghan people, to esteemed religious scholars and to the government of the Islamic Emirate for indecency and lewdness and insulting Quran verses,” Haqiqi said.

During his confession, Haqaqi, who is also a model, said that Sakhi is suffering from “mental condition”, and he used him for gaining more fame and attracting more viewers.

Af few days before their arrests, Haqiqi and Sakhi appeared in a video post in Haqiq’s YouTube channel, and apologized for what he described as Sakhi mistakenly recited a verse from Quran in a humorous voice.

Both Haqiqi and Sakhi vowed not to repeat the same mistake in the future.

Taliban have detained a large number of Afghan journalists, human rights activists, experts, and also forced female TV reporters and presenters to wear masks since regaining control of Afghanistan in August.

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