Latest DRC Attack Kills 20

Suspected militias massacred at least 20 people in an attack in the northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on Sunday night.

The Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) was suspected of committing the recent arrack that killed several civilians in Bwanasura village, Irumu. 

Kivu Security Barometer (KST), an organization with observers in the area, also tweeted about the attack that not only killed the residents but also burned down houses in the village of Otomabere, in Irumu territory, Ituri province. 

DRC army spokesman Jules Ngongo verified the ADF raid but did not give a death toll but claimed Congolese forces were pursuing the attackers.

According to a report by Africa News, Ituri, like the neighboring province of North Kivu, has been under siege for the past year, an extraordinary move that has given the military full power but has failed to stop the carnage.

The most recent large murders in eastern DRC attributed to ADF rebels date back to the end of May, with the death of at least 16 people in Bulongo revealed on 30 May, following the slaughter of at least 27 people in the neighboring Beni region’s village of Beu-Manyama on 28 May.

ADF group, which is presented by the jihadist organization Islamic State (EI) as its branch in Central Africa (ISCAP in English), was also accused of massacring thousands of civilians in eastern Congo and carrying out attacks in Uganda.

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