Israel Threatens To Attack Iran With F-35 Jets

Israel on Wednesday threatened to attack Iran with F-35 stealth fighter jets in the wake of Tehran’s continued development of nuclear weapons.

The Jerusalem Post reported that the Israeli Air Force (IAF) has upgraded its military plans and are able to fly its F-35 jets from “Israel to the Islamic Republic of Iran without requiring mid-air refueling.” 

IAF also intensified its military preparations for a likely future strike against Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

The Israeli army has held four large-scale drills simulating attacks against Iran within the past one month.

The drills were considered confronting Iranian radar and detection systems, simulating long-range combat flights, and defensive measures against cyber weapons.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a defense official said there are several targets in Iran at different ranges, saying that “Iran’s surface-to-air missile systems and radars” should not be considered as only targets.

The official said that there is a need to attack targets that are significant and it should be able to cause extensive damage.

News of the progress in military preparations came just one day after Iranian Army Ground Forces Commander, General Kioumars Heidari threatened to turn the cities of Tel Aviv and Haifa to rubble if the Israeli regime makes any mistake in dealing with Iran.

Heidari warned that Iran’s UAVs and missiles have the capacity to reach Tel Aviv and Haifa. He also lauded the efforts of the defense ministry in strengthening and upgrading Iranian army in the past several years.

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