At Least 21 Killed Over 86 Injured in Train Derailment in Iran

At least 21 passengers were killed and over 86 others injured, including some critically, after their train derailed in eastern Iran early Wednesday.

Iranian semi-official Fars news agency reported that four of the seven cars in the train derailed on the Tabas-Yazd railroad track near Iran’s eastern city of Tabas.

The governor of Tabas, Ali-Akbar Rahimi said that rescue teams and aid units have been reached to the location of the incident.

The Iranian Red Crescent (IRC) said the derailment happened some 50 kilometers (30 miles) to Tabas, and the train was carrying 348 passengers and crew.

The number of casualties was feared to rise while the IRC said that they dispatched 22 operational teams, consisting of 52 rescuers and aid workers to the scene.

“The Society has also sent 10 ambulances and three relief helicopters to transport the injured to medical centers,” IRC said in a statement.

Head of Relief and Rescue Organization of IRC, Mehdi Valipour, said that the aid workers are trying to get the overturned wagons back to normal.

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