Catholic Priest Says Many Children Involved in Sunday’s Shooting Attack that Killed 50

The parish priest of St. Francis Catholic Church in southwestern Nigeria’s Ondo State said “a lot of children were involved” in the shooting incident on Sunday that left 50 people dead.

“We cannot give an accurate figure or statistics right now, because as you can see, I’m trying to collect, you know, the names that I have are the people that I know. A lot of children were involved,” Father Vincent Anadi said.  

According to Father Anadi, he was on his way to the parish when he met people running in haste and confused, including his two altar servers who stopped him. 

“Father, father, father, stop, stop. Don’t go to the parish. They are killing people in the parish.’ And I said, ‘which people?’ They said, ‘they don’t know,” Father Anadi said. 

Father Anadi added that over 30 people died on the spot and were taken to the morgue on Sunday. 

Local authorities said armed militias have carried out similar attacks in other parts of Nigeria. 

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