Russia to Summon Heads of US Media Outlets

The foreign ministry of Russia said it plans to call all heads of US media in Moscow for a meeting on Monday about new tough measures in response to US restrictions against Russian media.  

“If the work of the Russian media – operators, and journalists – is not normalized in the United States, the most stringent measures will inevitably follow,” ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said.  

“To this end, on Monday, June 6, the heads of the Moscow offices of all American media will be invited to the press center of the Russian Foreign Ministry to explain to them the consequences of their government’s hostile line in the media sphere,” Zakharova added. 

Earlier, the US imposed sanctions against the most highly-viewed state-run Russian TV stations, saying they were spreading disinformation about the war in Ukraine. 

A spokesperson for the US State Department said that the US government supports Russians’ access to media and the internet because they are being subjected to censorship by their government. 

Russia has accused Western countries of unfair restrictions on Russian media abroad, especially on state-backed news outlets.  

Last month, Russian lawmakers passed a bill that gave prosecutors powers to shut foreign media bureaus in Moscow should a Western country have been “unfriendly” to Russian media. 

Since the invasion, Russia has cracked down on media coverage of the war, convicting journalists who Moscow deemed spreading “fake” news about its “special military operation” in Ukraine, to 15-year imprisonment. 

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