U.S. President Biden Asks Congress to Take Action on Gun Control Measures

United States (US) President Joe Biden called on Congress to prohibit assault weapons, raise the age to purchase one from 18 to 21, and take other steps to reduce gun violence in the country.

“If we can’t ban assault weapons, as we should, we must at least raise the age to be able to purchase one to 21,” Biden said in a copy of his remarks released by the White House.

Biden, who delivered the remarks on Thursday, also called for the banning of high-capacity magazines, doing background checks, red flag regulations, and repealing the immunity that protects gun manufacturers from legal culpability if their weapons are used in violence.

“This is not about taking away anyone’s guns. It’s about vili- — not about vilifying gum [sic] — gun owners. In fact, we believe we should be treating responsible gun owners as an example of how every gun owner should behave. I respect the culture and the tradition and the concerns of lawful gun owners,” Biden clarified.

The remarks were made the day after 19 children and two teachers were slain at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas, and 17 others were injured.

There were also ten people killed and three others injured in a racist attack at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York, just over two weeks ago.

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