Kenyan Police Open Fire on Protesters, Four Dead

A protest in Kenya against wildlife dangers turned fatal after four protesters were shot and killed by the Kenyan police.

A group of Kenyan paramilitary police (GSU) opened fire on a crowd protesting wildlife attacks on humans on the country’s main highway in Masimba, southeast of Nairobi.

The protesters blocked the key route connecting the capital city of Nairobi to Mombasa for several hours on Thursday.

Kajiado County Governor Joseph Ole Lenku requested Kenyan wildlife authorities to “keep their animals away from our people” and advised police to avoid using “excessive force.”

“These deaths could have been avoided with a little more understanding,” said Lenku.

Kenyan Senator Mutula Kilonzo claimed that stones were thrown at his vehicle when he was traveling through the protest area.

Wildlife wandering into human environments has grown in recent years, as cities develop into old migration and hunting regions, putting increasing pressure on the animals.

In December of last year, a group of hyenas killed 2 people in a community 50 kilometers (31 miles) east of Nairobi, over the course of 24 hours.

According to the human rights group Amnesty International, the Kenyan police killed 122 civilians in 2019. 

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