Incumbent South Korean Political Party Secures Elections

Incumbent South Korean political party, People Power Party (PPP), emerged victorious in the local elections, winning in 12 out of 17 major cities and provinces nationwide on Thursday. 

“We take the election results as a call from our people to revive the economy and to better take care of their livelihoods,” President Yoon Suk-yeol said

According to the National Election Commission vote count, PPP incumbents defeated challengers in South Korea’s two biggest cities, the capital Seoul, and the port city of Busan. 

PPP candidates also won five of the seven parliamentary seats giving them a one-seat advantage in the opposition-controlled assembly. 

In celebration of PPP’s latest election victory, Chairman Lee Jun-seok said they would use its victory as “a lesson to serve only the people with humility.”  

“More than anything else, I think this election signifies that the people have given us trust in our appeal to let the Yoon Suk-yeol administration work without any hindrances,” Lee added. 

Meanwhile, the liberal Democratic Party (DP) interim co-leader Park Ji-hyun acknowledged “complete defeat.” 

“We were completely defeated in the local elections. Unfortunately, we have utterly failed to win the hearts of the people, co-chair Park said. 

“We apologize to the people and party members who have supported us. We would like to express our gratitude to the people who raised the bar for greater reform and drastic innovation within the DP,” DP co-leader Rep. Yoon Ho-jung also said.  

Park and Yoon and all members of DP emergency steering committee offered to resign to take responsibility for the defeat. 

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