Finland Makes World’s First Carbon Negative Pledge

Finnish government officials have passed the world’s first and most ambitious climate target into law, aimed at reaching net-zero in 2035 and net negative by 2040. 

Officials said that they set the target based on the analysis of a group of independent economists from the Finnish climate change panel. 

Finland’s environment minister Emma Kari said that Finland’s target was “ambitious but achievable,” and it has broad cross-party support. 

“High-income countries have to take a progressive and active role when it comes to tackling climate change,” Kari said.

It was “very important” that researchers and people from the climate science community worked together in setting the target, Kari added. 

The European Union (EU) and the USA have set 2050 net-zero targets, but the Finnish analysis found that the EU and Germany should reach net zero in the early to mid-2030s. 

Targets “should be based on climate science, on the Paris agreement… if the target is not compatible with the Paris Agreement… then we have to turn it up,” Kari added. 

Earlier, the Finnish government started pushing for wind power and fossil fuel heating while the ministry of agriculture and forestry was crafting its first ever climate plan. 

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