European Parliament Vice President Calls on EU to Deny Hungary of Voting

European Parliament Vice President Katarina Barley has called for the temporary deprivation of Hungary from voting in the European Union (EU).

Barley said on Thursday that Hungary has been using the unanimity principle in the EU as a means of blackmail.

The unanimity principle presses the EU to vote unanimously on sensitive policy areas.

Barley accused Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán of taking the country into his own hands.

Barley’s comment came after Hungary blocked the latest sanctions against Russia for its aggression in Ukraine on Wednesday. Orbán demanded to exclude Russian Patriarch Kirill, a Russian Orthodox Church leader and an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, from the new list of restrictions.

Hungary had also asked the EU to exempt pipeline crude from the Russian oil embargo. The EU had temporarily exempted the imports of Russian oil through pipelines in response to Hungary’s request.

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