Amazon to Close China Kindle Bookstore in 2023

Amazon announced on Thursday the closing of the Kindle e-bookstore in China next year amid retreats of U.S. tech giants from the market. 

According to Amazon, it had just stopped supplying Kindle e-readers to third-party sellers, and on June 30, 2023, it would stop selling new books to Kindle users in China. 

However, Amazon said Chinese users could still download previously purchased e-books until June 30, 2023, and continue to read them after that.  

Amazon also said in its announcement that its existing businesses in China, such as logistics, ads, and devices, would not be affected by the closure but did not give a reason for the pullback.  

“Amazon’s long-term development commitment in China will not change. We have established an extensive business base in China and will continue to innovate and invest,” Amazon said.  

In 2017, Chinese state media reported that Amazon began selling its Kindle e-readers in China in 2013 and quickly became an important market for that business. 

In 2019, Amazon shut its e-commerce marketplace in China and shifted to cross-border selling to Chinese consumers. 

Airbnb, Microsoft’s LinkedIn, and other U.S. tech giants have also recently closed most of their businesses in China. 

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