25 Arrested in Ghana Over Public Flogging of Couple in Sex Tape

At least 25 individuals were arrested by the police after a couple was publicly flogged at the palace of a traditional chief in Wa, northern Ghana.

The couple, a 22-year-old male and his 18-year-old girlfriend, allegedly videotaped and leaked the video of their consentual sexual intercourse.

A widely circulated video footage showed the couple tied to a pole as they got flogged separately by community members. 

The couple received twenty lashes each while they were bound to a pole.

The Ghana Service Police (GSP) earlier arrested three individuals who were caught on the viral flogging video.

“The suspects, Sidiki Osman, Bushiran Khigir, and Issahaku Mahama, were arrested with the support of the Wa Naa and some community members. The three will be taken through the due process of the law,” said the GSP in a statement.

Traditional elders in the area use flogging as a method of punishment for misbehavior, though it is not legal.

The Ghana Bar Association deemed the couple’s treatment in a traditional leader’s palace as “Humiliating, dehumanizing, degrading, and a violation of their human rights.”

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