WHO Claims North Korea’s COVID-19 Situation Worsening

The World Health Organization said the COVID-19 situation in North Korea “is getting worse, not better” amid a lack of access to the country’s data.

WHO emergencies director Michael Ryan doubted North Korea’s claim that its COVID-19 cases had decreased and the situation had been under control. 

“We have real issues in getting access to the raw data and to the actual situation on the ground,” Ryan said.

Ryan said North Korea has a population susceptible to the pandemic because of its weakened health system.

Pyongyang reported producing more medical oxygen and supplying sufficient medicine to the North Korean.

North Korea reported Thursday that around 95 percent of people who “caught fever” have fully recovered. A state media said North Korea had recorded about 3.8 million cases of “fever” from April to June 1, while around 165,000 have been receiving treatment.

Ryan said WHO had offered North Korea COVID-19 assistance, including vaccines.

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