US Cyber Command Confirms Participation in Recent Offensive Operations

General Paul Nakasone, the chief of the US Cyber Command, confirmed that the US performed offensive cyber operations to aid Ukraine in its response to Russia’s invasion.

In an interview with British TV Channel SkyNews, Nakasone revealed that the US “Conducted a series of operations across the full spectrum: offensive, defensive, and information operations.” 

Nakasone’s interview marked the first time a senior US official publicly stated that the US has engaged in offensive cyber operations in reaction to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“The US brings to bear the formidable capabilities of Cyber Command against rogue nation-states. Cyberspace is a new domain for warfare,” said Nakasone. 

Nakasone elaborated that the US is conducting operations to deconstruct Russian propaganda, particularly disinformation tactics that could sway elections.

“We remain attentive every single day. Every single day. I think about it all the time,” Nakasone said when asked regarding the high risk of potential Russian attacks on the US.

Nakasone ascertained that the operations were legal and in line with US policy.

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