Jury Indicts Buffalo Shooting Suspect on Murder, Domestic Terrorism, and Hate Crime Charges

A grand jury on June 1 indicted the white gunman accused of killing 10 Black people at a Buffalo grocery store on 25 counts, including domestic terrorism and murder as a hate crime.

The Erie County District Attorney’s Office announced that the jury indicted 18-year-old Payton Gendron on one count of domestic terrorism motivated by hate, 10 counts of first-degree murder as a hate crime, and 10 counts of second-degree murder as a hate crime.

The jury also indicted Gendron on three counts of attempted second-degree murder as a hate crime and one count of second-degree criminal possession of a weapon.

If convicted of domestic terrorism by hate, Gendron would face an automatic sentence of life in prison without parole.

Gendron has pleaded not guilty.

Gendron is scheduled to be arraigned in an Erie County County Court on June 2 afternoon.

The indictment comes more than two weeks after Gendron killed 10 Black people in a racist shooting on May 14.

Gendron also injured three people, two of whom were white.

Gendron broadcast the attack on popular live-streaming site Twitch, but it was removed less than two minutes after the violence started, a Twitch spokesperson told CNN.

During the course of the investigation, authorities said they found a 180-page document that Gendron apparently wrote.

Authorities said that in the document, Gendron declared himself a white supremacist and wrote that he targeted Buffalo because it was the city with the most Black residents that was closest to his home in Conklin, New York.

According to the authorities, Gendron had subscribed himself to a racist ideology called the “great replacement” theory, which imagines a scheme to “replace” white Americans with people of color.

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