France Makes Apology for Champions League Chaos

The French government apologized to Liverpool supporters over the chaos during the Champions League at the Stade de France stadium.

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said his ministry and the Sports Ministry regretted the troubles during the event, saying the sports celebration was ruined.

“For the football fans, the negative image of this match wounded our national pride,” Darmanin said.

French government spokesperson Olivia Gregoire said that French President Emmanuel Macron felt “sad and sorry” about the incident.

Gregoire said that the government could have managed the sports event better while insisting it was not a tragedy. 

Darmanin said on Twitter that thousands of supporters with counterfeit tickets or without tickets were forced to enter the stadium, causing the police to use tear gas to mobilize the crowd.

Gregoire said that 2,700 fans were unable to watch the match. 

Darmanin thanked the police forces that controlled the crowd on Saturday but said Wednesday that sanctions would be imposed on the cops responsible for the “excessive” use of tear gas.

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