UN Report States Eritrean Forces Shelled Ethiopian Schools

Internal United Nations documents and regional forces said that Eritrean troops shelled a town in northern Ethiopia over the weekend, hitting schools.

The UN document stated that the shelling killed a 14-year-old and injured 18 people after the Eritrean troops fired at least 23 rounds.

The Tigray  People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) accused the Eritrean forces of attacking its troops in Shiraro during the weekend. TPLF Spokesperson Getachew Reda said that the attack was part of the Eritrean forces’ “attempt to escalate the tension and drag [the TPLF] into more action.”

Reda said TPLF had stopped the attack of Eritrea’s 57th and 21st divisions on Friday. He added that TPLF’s counteroffensive attack killed and wounded more than 300 soldiers the Isaias regime had deployed.

The conflict between the Eritrean forces and TPLF began in November 2020. The recent attack happened two months of peace. 

The Eritrean forces have supported Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed since late 2020. 

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