Ukraine Reports 15,000 Suspected War Crimes

Ukraine has reported around 15,000 suspected war crimes since the Russian invasion began.

Ukrainian Prosecutor-General Iryna Venediktova said at a press conference in The Hague on May 31 that about 200 to 300 war crimes were committed daily.

Venediktova also said that “a few thousand” of the cases have been identified in the eastern Donbas region, where fierce fighting is taking place.

While Ukrainian authorities did not have access to Russian-held areas in Donbas, they were interviewing evacuees and prisoners of war, Venediktova said.

According to Venediktova, the war crimes include the torture and killing of civilians, the destruction of civilian infrastructure, and the possible forcible transfer of Ukrainian children and adults, to Russia.

Some 600 suspects have been identified and prosecutions have begun against nearly 80 suspects, Venediktova said.

The list of suspects includes “top military, politicians, and propaganda agents of Russia,” Venediktova added.

Venediktova also said that Estonia, Latvia, and Slovakia have joined an international investigation team in Ukraine that includes Lithuania and Poland to probe war crimes on Ukrainian soil.

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