Denmark to Hold Referendum on Joining the European Union’s Defense Policy

Denmark will be voting in a referendum Wednesday to decide the country’s future in joining the European Union’s defense policy.

Around 4.2 million eligible Danish voters will decide whether Denmark should abolish its opt-out from the European Union’s standard defense policy amid Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

Recent polls in Copenhagen showed that around 40 percent of Danish agree to abolish the 1992 opt-out, 30 percent say otherwise, and about 20 percent are still undecided.

Social Democratic Party representative Lars Werge said that voting to cancel the opt-out would allow Denmark to “finally be able to sit around the table where decisions are made.” He said that a “yes” vote would give Denmark a “greater influence” in Europe.

Unity List Political Adviser Selma Bolo said that European military operations had caused a more negative impact than good.

Denmark insisted on the 1992 opt-out, including opt-outs related to the single currency and European citizenship. 

In 2000, Denmark held a referendum to abolish the euro opt-out. In 2015, it voted on the justice opt-out. Both referendums resulted in maintaining the status quo.

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