78 Civilians, Including 14 Children Killed in Syrian War diring May

At least 78 people, including 14 children and 11 women were killed in the ongoing deadly conflict in Syria only in the month of May.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) in its monthly report released Wednesday said that eight individuals were also died as a result of torture inside Syrian regime jails.

SNHR also documented the deaths of nine civilians, including six children and one woman, as a result of landmine explosions.

Unknown gunmen were also behind the killing of 35 civilians, including three children and two women.

The SNHR said they are not yet able to identify which parties were behind these shootings.

SNHR said that they have collected some evidence, showing that some of the attacks were deliberately directed against civilians and civilian objects.

The report also called on the UN Security Council to take immediate steps to bring all those involved in perpetrating crimes against humanity and committed war crimes to justice.

The report also called on the Syrian regime to stop the indiscriminate shelling and targeting of residential areas, hospitals, schools, and markets.

SNHR also called on the Syrian regime to put an end to its act of torture that have caused the deaths of thousands of Syrian citizens in detention centers.

At the end, the report called upon all the warring parties in the Syrian conflict to provide detailed maps of the locations where they have planted landmines in order to protect the lives of civilians.

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