Taliban Denies United Nations Report Alleging Foreign Terrorists’ Presence in Afghanistan

The Taliban administration has rejected a report by the UN Security Council alleging that Al-Qaida and the Islamic Emirate have a close relationship and that the group is operating from Afghanistan soil.

“The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan reaffirms its commitments and reassures all that none shall be allowed to use the territory of Afghanistan against others,” Taliban’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.

“We in the strongest possible terms reject the UNSC reports and in fact since the return of the Islamic Emirate, the world and the region have been prevented from facing any harm from Afghanistan,” it added.

The statement furthered that the current Taliban government has consistently worked in the last nine months to build an environment of trust with the regional and world countries.

The Foreign Ministry’s statement also called on the United Nations to hand over the post of Afghanistan’s permanent representative at the UN to the current Afghan government in a bid to directly provide factual information to the UNSC and other countries.

The UN report also reportedly questioned the Islamic Emirate’s commitment under the Doha Agreement to preventing “international terrorist” threats from having a foothold in Afghanistan.

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