Severe Weather Kills 56 People in Brazil

At least 56 people have died amid severe rains in northeastern Brazil on Sunday.

Daniel Ferreira, Brazil’s Minister of Regional Development, said that at least 25 people have been injured, and over 3,900 people have also lost their homes due to the heavy rains.

Pernambuco Governor Paulo Camara said that there are still reports of victims who have not been found. 

“We still don’t have an exact number, but there are still reports of victims… who have not been found. The search will continue until we can identify all the missing people,” Camara said.

The Pernambuco civil defense has warned residents living in high-risk areas around the city of Recife to seek shelter elsewhere after the rain caused landslides there.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said that the military will assist those who have been affected and that he will travel to Recife on Monday to assess the disaster.

“Our government made available, from the first moment, all its means to help those affected, including the Armed Forces. On Monday morning (May 30th) I will travel to Recife to, in loco, better find out about the tragedy,” Bolsonaro said in a tweet.

Pernambuco will have about 30-60 mm of rain in the next two days, while isolated areas could see more than 100 mm.

CNN added that Pernambuco could experience more than half a month’s worth of rainfall in just four days, from Saturday over the weekend to the end of Tuesday.

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