“Flyboard” Jetpack Inventor Hurt Crash

French jetpack inventor Franky Zapata was injured after losing control of his hoverboard and crashing into a lake from 15 meters in the air.

Zapata was in an exhibition event giving a demonstration of his new homemade device called Flyboard when he plunged into a lake in the town of Biscarrosse in France.

In a video posted in social media, Zapata was seen taking off in his Flyboard which appeared to be working well at first. Seconds later, the board spun out of control and with it, Zapata crashed into the lake.

The inventor was immediately sent to the hospital after the incident. French media reported that Zapata was conscious when he was pulled out of the lake.

Officials also told local media that Zapata was showing “good sensitivity and motor skills” while under observation in the hospital. Separately on Twitter, Zapata said in French that he is “doing well.”

The inventor rose to fame for flying his own jetpacks and is known for zooming over the Champs-Élysées in Paris during Bastille Day in 2019.

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