Egypt Uncovers Largest-Ever Bronze Statues Cache in Ancient Necropolis

Egypt on Monday said they have uncovered a collection of 250 wooden painted coffins and 150 bronze statues of ancient Egyptian goddesses, including Anubis, Amun Min, Osiris, Isis, Nefertum, Bastet, and Hathor.

Mostafa Waziri, the head of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities said that Egyptian archaeological mission working in the cemetery of the sacred animals Necropolis in Saqqara Archeological Area also found oldest cosmetics, including combs, kohl eyeliners, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.

The discovery was made after four years of work on the site. Waziri said that he is very proud that the discovery was made by Egyptians and this would not be the last.

The sarcophagus would be transferred to the Grand Egyptian Museum, and will be displaced in the main halls.

Waziri said that a papyrus written in hieroglyphs was also found inside one of the coffins and it has been transferred to the restoration laboratories of the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir for sterilization, and humidification for further study of the texts.

“We also found two colored wooden statues with gilded faces, in a good state of preservation, for the two goddesses Isis and Nephthys in the position of mourners,” Waziri said. 

The coffins also date back to the late period, or about 1500 BC.

Last year, Egypt uncovered 52 burial shafts again in Saqqara with more than 50 wooden coffins found inside as old as 3,000 years.

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