South Korean Who Joined Ukraine Volunteer Forces Under Investigation

A former member of the South Korean naval special forces said he was ready to cooperate with police over his alleged violation of a travel ban to Ukraine.

“I will cooperate in the investigation,” Rhee Keun said.

On Friday, Rhee Keun arrived in South Korea for rehabilitation after sustaining injuries as a volunteer fighter in Ukraine. 

Rhee Keun said about ten police officers were waiting for him at the airport but had only ordered him to quarantine for a week as a COVID-19 precaution and report later to the police for questioning.

In early March, South Korea’s foreign ministry filed a police complaint against Rhee Keun on charges of violating a passport act.

South Korea banned its nationals from traveling to Ukraine in February for safety reasons. 

Violation of the travel ban can face up to a year in prison or a maximum fine of US$8,000.

When asked about his injuries, Rhee Keun said he was suffering from cruciate ligament ruptures on his knees, which required surgery.

“I haven’t left the battlefield completely but came to recover from injuries. I want to go back… because the war has not ended, there’s still a lot to do,” Rhee Keun added. 

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