More Tory MPs Call for Johnson Resignation Amid Partygate Scandal

In the wake of the Sue Gray investigation, four Conservative MPs have called for Boris Johnson to quit, claiming they can’t reconcile themselves with his prior statements on Partygate.

David Simmonds and John Baron, two others, stated Johnson had lost their trust.

Johnson was not oblivious of the “shameful pattern of misbehavior during the epidemic as the rest of us kept to the Covid regulations,” according to Baron, a former shadow minister.

“For some, this may appear a trivial point given world events. Yet a bedrock principle of our constitution is that we can trust the responses we receive in Parliament to be truthful and accurate,” Baron said in a statement.

“Parliament is the beating heart of our nation. To knowingly mislead it can not be tolerated, no matter the issue. Whether or not the Prime Minister is an asset to the party or the country is of less importance,” Baron added.

Simmonds, in a separate statement, said it had become clear that “while the government and our policies enjoy the confidence of the public, the prime minister does not”.

“Accordingly, it is time for him to step down so that new leadership can take forward the important work of the Government in ensuring that our people and country prosper,” Simmonds added.

Nineteen MPs have publicly called for Johnson to resign, though two more have written and then withdrawn letters of no confidence, and at least three others have publicly called for Johnson to resign but have stated that they will not submit letters.

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