Kim Jong Un Promotes COVID-19 Vaccines As ‘Immortal Potion of Love’

An anonymous source said North Korea has started promoting its COVID-19 vaccination for soldiers working on construction projects, calling the vaccine an “immortal potion of love.”

Another source, a Pyongyang official, said that broadcast vehicles played loud political propaganda messages promoting the vaccination drive as a “vaccination of love from the Highest Dignity.” He said that the campaign had emphasized the COVID-19 vaccine as a “gracious gift given to people from Kim Jong Un.”

According to the official, broadcast vehicles documented army doctors in protective gear vaccinating the soldiers.

“Some of the soldiers were seen raising their hands and giving praise to Kim Jong Un, shedding tears and shouting ‘Manse!’ (hurray!),” the anonymous source said.

According to reports, Pyongyang prioritized the vaccination of soldiers working on construction projects to achieve Kim’s promise of building 50,000 homes for North Koreans by 2025.  However, the government excluded local volunteers for the construction from the vaccination drive.

North Korea had acknowledged the spread of the COVID-19 in the country earlier this month.

In September 2021, North Korea rejected 3 million doses of China’s Sinovac.  The United States had also offered to provide vaccines to North Korea, but the government remained unresponsive.  It also rejected South Korea’s proposal for cooperative efforts in combating the pandemic.

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