Google Claims Russian Hackers Behind Brexit Leak

A Google cybersecurity official and the former chief of UK foreign intelligence said a website that published leaked emails from leading figures involved in Brexit has links to Russian hackers.

Independent News reported that the website ‘Very English Coop d’Etat’ has allegedly leaked private emails from former MI6 Richard Dearlove, leading Brexit campaigner Gisela Stuart, pro-Brexit historian Robert Tombs, and other supporters of Britain’s departure from the EU.

‘Very English Coop d’Etat’ said that they are part of a group of hardline pro-Brexit figures secretly calling the shots in the United Kingdom.

“I am well aware of a Russian operation against a Proton account which contained emails to and from me,” Dearlove said, referring to the encrypted email service ProtonMail.

UK foreign intelligence and Google’s cybersecurity team confirmed that the Russian cyberattack group Cold River is behind the operation.

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