170,000 Irish Homes At Risk From Radioactive Gas

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said that 170,000 Irish homes could be at risk from radon, a radioactive gas that causes cancer.

EPA has released a radon map showing that a large part of Ireland, particularly Munster and Connacht, has increased radon risks. Other areas with high radon levels include Wicklow uplands, areas around Letterkenny in Co Donegal, and parts of Galway, Waterford, Mayo, Clare, Cork, and Kerry.

The new EPA projection has increased by 45,000 homes since 2002.

According to the EPA, radon is a radioactive gas that causes about 350 lung cancer cases in Ireland each year. Possible sources of this radioactive gas include natural stones and water wells.

The new radon map gives detailed geological information that could provide attributes on high-risk areas.

Andy Fanning, Program Manager of the EPA, said that half a million Irish homes could even be at risk. 

Fanning said that people should test their homes, even low-risk areas, to identify possible radon problems.

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