Clashes Erupt in Pakistan As Ousted PM Imran Khan Begins March To Islamabad

Pakistani police and supporters of the ousted Prime Minister Imran Khan have clashed in Punjab province after all roads leading into the capital city of Islamabad were blocked to discourage protests.

According to DAWN,  police immediately turned violent and used tear gas to prevent Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf PTI (Azadi March) early Wednesday, and also arrested several PTI marchers across Punjab province.

PTI member, Shabir Ahmed said that police turned violent after the protestors tried to remove the containers. “We will not move or return. We continue to remove the hurdles and reach the capital city,” Ahmed said.

Imran Khan, who came to Islamabad from the Wali Interchange in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in a helicopter, called on his supporters to carry the Pakistani flag and said that the march was a “defining moment” for Pakistan.

“We are going toward the capital city and no one can stop us,” Khan told his supporters, calling the incumbent government a “group of thieves.”

Khan also said that the government is afraid of the people and that’s why they placed containers to prevent their march. Khan also accused the security forces of arresting a large number of protestors.

Khan, who was removed after a parliamentary no-trust motion last month, called on the government to hold fresh elections, but the demand was rejected by the current government. 

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