Fake Grenade Left in Front of Sao Paolo Russian Consulate

The Brazilian Special Tactical Actions Group confirmed that a grenade left at the Russian consulate in Brazil’s most crowded city was a phony gadget.

Brazilian media Globo television channel reported on Monday that a fake grenade was found in front of the Russian consulate in Sao Paulo city. 

According to the report, Sappers, a tactical police squad and firefighters arrived at the Russian consulate and after three hours of work using special equipment, the Sappers confirmed the grenade was a dummy. 

Globo showed a video recording of a robotic Sapper moving away from the gates of the diplomatic mission with an unidentified item in its mechanical hand. 

Meanwhile, protests denouncing the Russian invasion of Ukraine have been few, and the demonstration in Sao Paulo in the aftermath of the invasion attracted no more than 50 people.  

Brazilian authorities remained neutral about the conflict, given the country’s sheer dependence on Russian fertilizers. 

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