Tattoo Artists Raise Money for Ukraine Armed Forces

Ukrainian tattoo artists are raising money for Ukraine’s armed forces in a former factory in central Kyiv.

Sasha Filipchenko, the tattoo artist who organized the fundraiser, said that the initiative raised 270,000 UAH ($9,134).

Every Saturday, 50 to 70 clients get tattoos from Sasha’s group of 15 artists.

“We will keep doing this until the end of the war. Maybe we will bring it back for victory day,” Filipchenko said.

Myroslava Arnautova, 18, came in for her first tattoo and chose a sketch of a bird by Lyubov Panchenko, an 85-year-old Ukrainian artist who died in April amid fighting in the Kyiv region town of Bucha.

“This is my first tattoo, but now it feels like I had it all my life,” Arnautova said.

The tattoo marathon takes place in Podil district, a pre-war hipster hub showing signs of revival after attacks left from the Kyiv region in early April.

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