Kuwait Dust Storms Stall Flights

Flights at Kuwait International Airport were suspended after an intensive dust storm hit the country on Monday.

Emad Al Juluwi, Kuwait Civil Aviation’s Deputy Director-General for Air Navigation Services Affairs said that flights were grounded due to poor visibility at the airport.

“Commercial flight will be rescheduled once the dust storm subsides,” Juluwi said.

Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior called on the citizens to remain at home and restrain from unnecessary travel, warning of poor visibility on the roads all day.

Middle East countries in recent weeks have been hit with severe sandstorms, putting human health at grave risk.

Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates were strangled by severe sandstorms.

In mid-April, at least 4,000 people were admitted to hospital with respiratory issues after sandstorms blanketed Iraq’s nine states, including the capital Baghdad.

Videos from Kuwait’s dust storm on Monday circulated online, showing a yellow haze around the country.

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