Czech Republic Left With 1.3 Days Worth of Emergency Food

The government of the Czech Republic said it has has stored 13 million daily food rations that would only last 1.3 days in case of an emergency.

Pavel Švagr, chairman of the State Material Reserves Administration (SSHR), said the previous administration planned to increase the food stock from three to 15 days late last year. Švagr remarked that the proposal would cost up to 12 billion crowns or almost $520 million.

“But those 15 days are not a matter of next year. Last year there was an agreement that we should go for those 15 days in the next 15 years,” Švagr said.

The Ministry of Agriculture said that the state must increase the SSHR’s budget by 500 million crowns. The SSHR also proposed that the government amend its laws to include a reservation system, which would allow the reservation of necessities from suppliers that would sell commodities at the usual price in case of a crisis.

Zdeněk Nekula, head of the Ministry of Agriculture, said that the crisis in Ukraine had caused speculations around the world about the availability of food commodities such as cereals.

The Czech Republic’s current law declares all reserve materials as totally state-owned. The SSHR stores commodities such as oil products in storage tanks and food products in warehouses.

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