Turkey Denies Greek Statements on “Pontian Genocide” Claims

Turkey on Thursday strongly condemned the “delusional” statements made by the Greek authorities on the pretext of the anniversary of the “unfounded Pontian claims.”

The Turkish Foreign Ministry in a statement said Ankara slams the efforts of the “anti-Turkey lobbies to deceive the public by bringing these biased claims to the agenda in third countries.”

The statement further said that instead of making such “unfounded claims” it would be appropriate to remember the “brutal crimes and atrocities” perpetrated against other religious or ethnic groups, particularly the Turks, including the 1821 Tripolitsa massacre.

“Instead of relying on falsified historical narratives contradicting reality, it would be more reasonable for Greece to face the facts regarding the crimes against humanity that were established by the Lausanne Peace Treaty,” the ministry added.

The ministry invited Greece to work together for peace, stability and a prosperous future on the basis of cooperation instead of trying to distort the facts.

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias said that they mark the 19th of May to remember the Genocide against Pontian Hellenism.

“We keep alive the memory of the 353,000 victims, we honor the great contribution of the Pontians to the economic, spiritual and social life of the country, as well as to the national struggles,” Dendias tweeted.

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