Jordan King Abdullah Restricts Prince Hamza’s Movement, and Communication

Jordan’s King Abdullah II announced in a royal decree issued on Thursday, that Prince Hamzah’s communications, place of residence, and movement have been limited.

Prince Hamzah, the King’s half-brother, former royal court chief, Bassam Awadallah, and royal family member Sherif Hassan bin Zaid, were accused  of allegedly hatching a conspiracy to overthrow the King.

Jordan authorities claimed they have foiled Hamzah’s seditious plot in April 2021, and has placed him under house arrest since then.

Abdullah said that Hamza did not change in line with the “legacy of our family”, lamenting that Hamza is living in a “delusion” and he sees himself as the “sole guardian of our Hashemite Legacy.”

“My brother Hamzah continues to ignore all facts and indisputable evidence, manipulating events to bolster his false narrative,” Abdullah said.

Abdullah furthered that he exercised the highest degrees of tolerance, self-restraint, and patience with Hamzah over the past one year, but said he received nothing but disappointment.

Hamza has denied accusations against him that he attempted to replace his brother in April last year, and also signed a letter confirming his loyalty to Abdullah.

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