Google’s Russian Subsidiary to File Bankruptcy

Google’s Russian subsidiary will file for bankruptcy amid the Russian government’s seizure of the company’s assets.

Google said the seizure has been “untenable,” leading its Russian office to a difficult position.

“The Russian authorities’ seizure of Google Russia’s bank account has made it untenable for our Russia office to function, including employing and paying Russia-based employees, paying suppliers and vendors, and meeting other financial obligations,” said Google.

Google has shut down most of its commercial operations amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Last week, Google said Russian Play Store users would no longer be able to purchase applications, games, Identity-Aware Proxy (IAP), and subscriptions. In March, YouTube, Google’s video-sharing platform, blocked Russian state-owned media.

Despite the plan to file for bankruptcy, Google said it would continue to offer free services like search, YouTube, Gmail, Maps, Android, and Play to Russian customers.

Fedresurs, Russia’s financial registry, said the Russian Federation had filed a case against Google’s Russian subsidiary over a turnover fine. Fedresurs added that the company had received several fines over its refusal to take down “prohibited content on its sites, including YouTube.”

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